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Offer 1
50% off beginner lessons
This offer is for people that have no previous driving experience. Our beginner bundle consists of 4 hours of driving lessons to be taken as two double lessons. These lessons are HALF price so you can get on the road and make a big saving. When learning to drive the first few lessons are very important. What you learn at the start will stay with you throughout your driving lifetime. You will begin with setting the car up so you can operate the controls comfortably and safely before moving on to getting familiar with the main controls. Even though there is a lot to learn we guarantee you will drive the car on your first lesson.
If you want to get on the road then contact us to book your beginner bundle.
Offer 2
2 hours for the price of 1
This offer is for people who have some previous experience of driving. That experience may have been with a qualified ADI or with friends or relatives. We give you a 2 hour driving lesson at HALF price. This will allow your instructor to establish your level of knowledge and assess your driving. Once the initial assessment drive is complete your instructor will discuss any areas for improvement and plan with you the best way forward. If there is anything specific you would like to cover or practise on the lesson let your instructor know and they will plan the lesson around what you want to work on.
Contact us to book your 2 for 1 lesson.
Offer 3
Earn FREE driving lessons
Whilst taking driving lessons with EDT driving school if you recommend anybody to us and they go on to book driving lessons with us we will reward you with a completely FREE one hour driving lesson for each and every person that joins us. So the more referrals you send to us the more FREE lessons you will earn.
Full terms and conditions for all offers available upon request.